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"Known for Texas hospitality and a dozen remarkable districts full of culture.”

Forth Worth is a metropolitan county with more than 1.8 million people. It is reported that more than 9.1 million people visit each year for business.

Fort Worth offers the full spectrum of health options and medical care. Fort Worth’s Medical District houses the region’s single largest concentration of medical jobs. Fort Worth is consistently ranked among the top places in the nation to live, work, and play. With a growing workforce, top educational facilities, low cost of doing business, high quality of life, and prime location and climate, the city is an attractive choice for companies looking to expand their operations.

The Fort Worth-Arlington MD boasts a strong labor force of 1.2 million that continues to grow. The Fort Worth-Arlington MD has experienced positive annual employment growth since the summer of 2010. The Alliance Texas development in far north Fort Worth continued its growth by adding more than 2,400 jobs over the past 12 months, one of its largest increases since the recession. Out of home and Billboard advertising works great in Fort Worth.

OOH media connects brands with their audience while they're on the move and provides the ability to target a message where ever you choose.

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Billboard Cost in Fort Worth

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Format Cost
Large Billboard Range of $4,000 - $8,000
Medium Billboard Range of $2,800 - $5,000
Small Billboard Range of $1,200 - $4,000
Digital Billboard Range of $4,000 - $16,000
Wallscapes Range of $10,000 - $35,000

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Fort Worth Zip Codes: 76006, 76008, 76012, 76028, 76036, 76039, 76040, 76052, 76053, 76101, 76102, 76103, 76104, 76105, 76106, 76107, 76108, 76109, 76110, 76111, 76112, 76113, 76114, 76115, 76116, 76117, 76118, 76119, 76120, 76121, 76122, 76123, 76124, 76126, 76127, 76129, 76130, 76131, 76132, 76133, 76134, 76135, 76137, 76140, 76147, 76150, 76155, 76161, 76162, 76163, 76164, 76166, 76177, 76179, 76181, 76185, 76191, 76193, 76195, 76196, 76197, 76198, 76199, 76244, 76247, 76262.

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