Great point of- purchase exposure keeps your message top of mind. Wallscapes are perfect for penetrating urban centers and vary in size, providing endless creative options.

Wallscape Advertising

Wallscapes are advertisements painted, plastered or attached to building surfaces, these provide excellent exposure in prominent downtown urban areas where traditional billboards are limited and are designed for long-term use.

Compared to billboards, wallscapes are mostly visible from long distances. They can be of many sizes and even many shapes.

How Much does a Wallscape Cost?

Wallscape Ads cost depends on the location, time and market, mostly Wallscapes got a range of $8,000 - $100,000 per location per 4 week period.

For more specific pricing:


Advantages of Wallscape ads

  • Major impact
  • Social Media Value
  • Exceptional Reach
  • Low competition
  • Unique Creative Experience


  • Can accomplish mass-market mindfulness with high arrive at levels or decisively positioned to target specific audience fragments.
  • Delivers high reach and recurrence throughout a drawn-out timeframe.
  • Gives predominance in key business sectors and regions.
  • Show the key areas that tower over the roads, making a fabulous landmark.
  • Obliges a wide assortment of surprising innovative sizes and shapes.
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