Buses can help raise your brand above the clutter and reach audiences at a local or national level. Many people are in their cars behind a bus, standing on the street looking at a bus, or sitting on the bus itself, reading advertisements.

Bus Ads

Bus Ads are generally advertisements displayed on the outside or inside buses, Bus advertisements are produced on digitally or screen-printed transit vinyl and are available in four-week periods to long term programs. Bus advertising may be placed in whole or in part on the unit.

Ads on Buses are effective for announcing new products, seasonal specials or the 'call to action'. In a day a bus can travel hundreds of miles around the city taking your message out to residential areas, giving the mobile billboard effect. Ads placed on the exterior of a bus is a circulating billboard, and Interior Bus Advertising reaches a “captured” audience.

Advertising on urban buses is an innovative and highly profitable medium that allows you to reach a larger audience in a creative and original way. It is currently a regular part of the urban landscape of our city, this being the ideal medium for campaigns for mass consumption products or services.

We help you choose the best public transport routes according to the segment of the population that is most suitable for your brand

One of the differential values ​​of this advertising is found in the large size of the buses, which makes them attract the attention of your audience in an attractive way. Advertising can be Integral, Semi-integral and medallions

A majority of citizens spend more time on the streets carrying out daily activities, so they are more exposed to this type of urban advertising.

Compared to other types, advertising on buses turns out to be the least expensive medium due to the number of direct impacts it generates in monthly, semi-annual or annual schemes.

How Much does a Bus ad Cost?

Advertising on Bus cost depends on the location, time and market.

For more specific pricing:


Advantages of Billboard Poster

  • Segmentation: Liberty in choosing which areas you want to advertise in and which audience you want to reach.
  • Size: Reaching spectacular dimensions that attract the attention of the public.
  • Mobility: A bus becomes a moving billboard, impacting both pedestrians and vehicle occupants.
  • Population displacements: Time spent away from home.
  • Efficiency and profitability: Advertising on bus support is very effective and profitable.
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