Digital Billboard

The most time-sensitive & flexible form of OOH advertising.
Digital Billboards are perfect for the advertiser who wants to change their message multiple times during a campaign. Cutting-edge dynamic content makes Digital Billboards even more effective. Boards can stream posts from social media, show live scores and countdowns, respond to local weather conditions, traffic, and more. Digital Displays are typically shared among several advertisers.

Digital Billboard Advertising

A Digital Billboard is a billboard that displays images or video, these are computer controlled which allows you to change messages throughout the course of a day. With LED technology and high definition, digital allows your campaign to be developed in the most creative and innovative way possible; taking full advantage of the use of colors, effects, images and short animations to captivate the audience.

Digital Billboards are positioned on highly visible, heavy traffic locations such as expressways and major roadways. Digitals are recommended for promotional campaigns where the message is going to be modified more than once or for those that need to be implemented as soon as possible to attack important dates such as: Holidays, Back to School, Christmas, Show Events, etc.

How Much does a Digital Billboard Cost?

Digital Billboard cost depends on the location, time and market, mostly digital billboards got a range of $3,500 - $25,000 per location per 4 week period for an 8 second spot in a loop of 64 seconds

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Advantages of Digital Billboard

Targeted: Impact specific geographic and demographic audience close to the point sale.

Real-Time: Thanks to the programmatic, digital ads enables the ability to respond in real-time to current events and market conditions.

Time-Sensitive Message: Digital ads con cut down on waste by automatically switching over at certain times. It's a great way to increase the ad's return on investment.

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