Cadbury's new OOH campaign for 'Dairy Milk & More' features interactive posters and films, capturing the irresistible allure of the chocolate bar through creative visuals.

Cadbury's New Campaign: OOH Ads Interact with Neighbouring Posters

Cadbury is turning heads with the launch of its new ‘Dairy Milk & More’ bar by taking a fresh approach to out-of-home (OOH) advertising. The confectionery giant, in collaboration with its creative agency VCCP, has rolled out a series of innovative posters that engage with neighbouring ads, creating a unique and interactive visual experience.

A Creative Collaboration

For this campaign, Cadbury has teamed up with real, independent businesses to create what they call ‘distracted’ posters. These posters appear to be captivated by the central ‘Dairy Milk & More’ ad, illustrating the irresistibility of Cadbury’s new offering. The campaign brilliantly captures the eye-catching appeal of the new product, with adjacent ads seemingly unable to look away from the colorful creative.

Bringing the Campaign to Life

Adding to the OOH campaign are two 20-second films directed by Tom Speers of Smuggler. These films depict real-life scenarios where people are so distracted by the chocolaty treat that they can’t help but focus on it, mirroring the concept of the posters.

Maria Jackson, Mondelez's senior brand manager, highlights the core message of the campaign: “Cadbury’s brand identity revolves around generosity, and this campaign is an embodiment of that, showcasing and collaborating with real independent businesses to share our platform. It’s been an exciting journey to see the product truth (there is a lot to take in!) amplified through a series of eye-catching ads that highlight an irresistible new product.”

A Comprehensive Media Strategy

The campaign, with media planning and buying managed by Publicis Media, is set to run through to 31 July. It spans across various platforms, including broadcaster video-on-demand, connected TV, cinema, YouTube, digital, OOH, and social media. This multi-channel approach ensures maximum reach and engagement, making the new ‘Dairy Milk & More’ bar hard to miss.

Excitement from the Creative Team

Laura Muse, VCCP London’s creative director, expressed her enthusiasm about the project: “It’s not often you get to launch a new product for such a national treasure of a brand, so it’s been a really exciting campaign to be a part of. We’re just hoping those delicious chunks don’t cause any serious distractions. If that happens, please tell everyone it was Chris and Jonny’s idea.”

With its blend of creativity and collaboration, Cadbury’s latest campaign not only showcases a delectable new product but also supports and highlights local businesses, staying true to the brand’s generous spirit.

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