Uncover the truth about Out of Home (OOH) advertising this summer. Debunk myths, explore standout campaigns, and see how OOH thrives year-round.

Summer’s finally here – the season of sunny weather, or so we’d like to think! It’s that time of year when outdoor events are in full swing, and audiences are always out and about. Despite the proven effectiveness of Out of Home (OOH) advertising, several misconceptions persist. Numerous studies have shown how impactful OOH can be, yet outdated myths continue to cloud its true potential.

It’s time to set the record straight, debunk these myths, and expose the real truths about OOH’s year-round impact.

The Proven Power of OOH Advertising

OOH advertising has consistently proven itself as a powerful tool for brand visibility and engagement. Recent research from our DOOH Aces reveals that nearly 70% of respondents pay attention to DOOH ads across various environments. Moreover, over 40% of respondents are more likely to engage with a diverse range of DOOH ads and formats.

Caroline Decourcy, our Insights Director, emphasizes, “OOH advertising continues to demonstrate its effectiveness by reaching diverse audiences with impactful messages that resonate. With the evolution of DOOH, what was once primarily a brand-building medium now drives consideration and action, making OOH a versatile channel capable of achieving multiple objectives in a brand’s media mix.”

Debunking the Myths

Myth 1: “Everyone Goes Away in the Summer”

Yes, people do jet off during the summer months, but here’s the kicker – people are traveling throughout the year at nearly the same levels. The only noticeable dip? That tends to be around the winter months.

Our consumer behavior research this year reveals interesting insights. Despite the perception of widespread holidays, only half are planning a vacation this year. The 45-54 age group shows the highest inclination to travel. However, with 28% of respondents opting to stay in Ireland, the country's beauty might be a factor as well. Among them, 16-17-year-olds will be enjoying a local summer. Financial considerations are also shaping travel plans, with the 25-34 age bracket favoring staycations over international travel.

With nights beginning earlier and ending later, according to Hospitality Ireland, we now prefer going out in the early evening. And with the government considering legislation to extend nightclub hours, there really is a grand “aul stretch” in the evening. Meaning audiences are always out of home.

Myth 2: “Summer Campaigns Lack Creativity”

If you think summer campaigns are snooze-fests, think again! We’ve had multiple campaigns active throughout the summer that have captured consumer engagement. Here are a couple of standout examples:

Specsavers: Driving Appointments with Real-Time Data

To drive appointments at key moments, Specsavers executed a campaign around smarter planning and data-driven content. The strategy included:

  • Geotargeting based on proximity to Specsavers stores
  • Leveraging audience data to optimize targeting
  • Dynamic creative linked to Specsavers’ live appointment data feed
  • Triggering a sunglasses version of the creative based on real-time weather conditions

Lynx: Strategic Location Dominations

By targeting key locations, Lynx ensured maximum visibility and impact through special builds and sensory advertising. Creating immersive experiences, Lynx connected with their target audience in memorable and engaging ways.

Summer campaigns aren’t just about playing it safe – they’re about being bold! With everyone in a good mood attending events and concerts, it’s prime time to connect. Summer rivals Christmas in events and opportunities. Break free from the billboards, dominate spaces, and make OOH a more immersive experience.

Myth 3: “Summer Campaigns Are Ineffective”

Hold onto your sunscreen, folks! OOH doesn’t melt away in the summer heat. In fact, OOH and DOOH are top picks among global consumers, commanding attention with their larger-than-life presence. According to Kantar’s latest study, there’s a 90% correlation between channels that grab consumers’ attention and the ones they prefer. Away with digital distractions – consumers love in-person ad experiences, making campaigns seven times more impactful when they resonate.

But here’s the kicker: shutting down your brand strategies during the summer might dim your long-term brand metrics. Keep those campaigns running to build your brand and spark future demand. Peter Field’s research backs this up: brands that maintained or boosted media spend during a downturn saw a 63% stronger ROI and a 60% year-on-year growth.

Myth 4: “There Are Better Channels to Spend Budget On”

Sure, there are plenty of media channels vying for your attention, but what’s better than investing in a medium that gives back to its community and serves as an ad platform for brands?

Sustainable Medium

OOH operates in the public sphere, carrying with it an inherent responsibility to positively impact our local communities and environments. At Talon, we’re committed to helping brands create more sustainable campaigns. According to a recent Outsmart UK study, OOH emits less carbon per impression than any other measured media – comprising only 3.3% of UK ad power consumption and under 3.5% of its carbon footprint.

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