Experience the majestic spectacle as Vhagar, Queen Viseyna’s dragon, coils around the Empire State Building in a thrilling House of Dragon promotion..

Unveiling the Dragon: Empire State Building Hosts House of Dragon Spectacle

New Yorkers are no strangers to heated debates—Yankees or Mets, fold or don't fold your pizza slice, JFK versus LGA—now, add one more: Team Black versus Team Green, courtesy of Max’s House of Dragon.

A Monumental Display: Vhagar Takes Manhattan

The city skyline, already a canvas for countless narratives, now features Queen Viseyna’s dragon, Vhagar, coiled around the iconic Empire State Building. This monumental display isn’t just a spectacle; it’s a strategic move by Max to hype their latest hit series, House of Dragon, a prequel to the beloved Game of Thrones.

From Streets to Skyscrapers: Experiencing Vhagar’s Reign

From the streets below to the 86th Floor Observatory, Vhagar’s presence dominates, giving visitors a chance to come face to face with this fantastical creature and even sit upon a replica Iron Throne for that perfect Instagram moment. It’s a fusion of fiction and reality, turning New York into a medieval citadel, at least for those willing to suspend disbelief.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting a 270-Foot Inflatable Dragon

"Vhagar descended upon the heart of New York City and has claimed the mast of the ‘World’s Most Famous Building’ as her perch," remarked Empire State Realty Trust Chairman and CEO Tony Malkin, emphasizing the grandeur of the installation. Crafting this 270-foot-long inflatable dragon was no small feat—it took 1,700 patterns, 600,000 inches of stitches, and 153 rigging points to secure Vhagar to the Empire State Building’s spiral.

Creative Genius at Work: Giant Spoon and Bigger Than Life Advertising

Behind this visionary spectacle are creative minds from Giant Spoon and Bigger Than Life Advertising, with Mark Bachman, president of Bigger Than Life Advertising, known for his iconic 1983 King Kong installation, leading the charge. Their collaboration has transformed a landmark into a living, breathing promotion that captures the imaginations of all who see it.

The Spread of Dragons: Banners Across the Boroughs

But Vhagar’s reign doesn’t stop there. Throughout the city, banners reminiscent of medieval sigils have appeared, declaring allegiance to either Team Black (supporting Rhaenyra Targaryen) or Team Green (loyal to King Aegon II Targaryen and Queen Alicent Hightower). These banners, first thought to be physical, turned out to be hyperrealistic AI-generated images circulating on social media, then becoming actual flags adorning dining establishments, bridges, and other notable locations.

Season Two Premieres: House of Dragon Takes New York

House of Dragon’s second season premiered on June 16, marking a crescendo in this city-wide campaign. As New York becomes a canvas for this epic clash of dragons and dynasties, it’s clear that the battle lines between Team Black and Team Green are drawn not just in Westeros, but across the boroughs of the Big Apple. Whether you’re a fan of fantastical drama or just a curious bystander, the sight of Vhagar soaring over Manhattan is a reminder that in New York, even skyscrapers become part of the story.

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