HCF's 'Value Ads' initiative lets members take over 60% of its advertising space, sharing their personal stories across TV, radio, social media, and more.

Australia – June 2024

HCF, Australia’s prominent not-for-profit health fund, has launched an exciting new initiative that puts the spotlight on its members. Dubbed ‘Value Ads’, this campaign invites HCF members to take over 60% of the brand’s advertising airtime and out-of-home (OOH) advertising slots, such as those found at bus stops and shopping centers, for their own personal use.

In collaboration with Clemenger BBDO, HCF’s ‘Value Ads’ aims to offer members a unique opportunity to appear in advertisements. This initiative has secured over 6,972 distinct ad placements across various platforms including TV, radio, social media, digital outlets, OOH, and in-branch displays.

A Unique Platform for Members’ Stories

This innovative project is the latest installment in HCF’s “We Put Our Money Where Our Members Are” creative platform. By handing over the ad space to its members, HCF is demonstrating a genuine commitment to adding value and showcasing the real-life stories of those it serves.

One of the standout ads in this campaign features Kurt, an underwater metal detectorist, who uses his TV airtime to reunite a lost wedding ring found at the bottom of Empress Falls, NSW, with its rightful owner. Another heartwarming ad highlights Jemma, who uses her national TV time to thank her doctor for a life-saving liver transplant and proudly displays the medals she won at the Transplant Games.

Celebrating Members’ Passions and Achievements

The campaign is rich with diverse and inspiring stories from HCF members. From a pregnancy reveal and a wrestler flaunting his biceps to a would-be film star’s audition tape and kids showing off their scooter and yoyo tricks, the ‘Value Ads’ initiative captures the spirit and passions of HCF’s community.

Leadership Insights

Tatiana Papavero, General Manager of Marketing at HCF, expressed her enthusiasm about the initiative, saying, “At HCF, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring value to our members. We needed to hone in on the value members are seeking in a meaningful way. Consumers want enduring value, something this campaign shows HCF delivers in spades. We’re so excited to share some of our fantastic members’ stories in this positive and authentic way.”

Tristan Graham, Executive Creative Director at Clemenger BBDO, also shared his thoughts on the campaign’s success: “HCF is going from strength to strength in terms of brand salience and likeability—proof that when you have a clear point of view on the world, and a unique way to bring that view to life creatively, it’s easy to create effective, breakthrough work.”


HCF’s ‘Value Ads’ initiative is a testament to the organization’s dedication to its members, highlighting their stories and providing them with a platform to share their passions and achievements. This campaign not only underscores the value HCF delivers to its members but also showcases the creativity and innovation that can arise from such member-focused initiatives.

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