Life Style Sports' striking OOH campaign at UCD, in collaboration with Source & Zenith, captivates with giant Adidas-branded installations

An Eye-Catching Installation at UCD

In an innovative move to capture attention and generate buzz, Life Style Sports, in collaboration with Source out of home and Zenith, launched a striking out-of-home (OOH) campaign at the University College Dublin (UCD). This eye-catching installation features a bus shelter takeover, complete with vinyl-wrapped backings and parallel 6 Sheets, topped with an unmissable, giant Adidas-branded shoebox paired with the brand’s iconic blue bag of equal size.

Bringing the Campaign to Life

“We’re delighted to partner with Source out of home & Zenith to bring our 'For the Love of Trainers' campaign to market,” said Lisa Tully, Senior Digital Marketing and Media Manager at Life Style Sports. “The OOH campaign is brought to life with the highly impactful installation of the iconic Life Style Sports carrier bag alongside a global leader in trending trainers, adidas. It has truly delivered against our brief to a captive target audience in UCD, which is a testament to the team's creativity.”

A Legacy of Standout Campaigns

The campaign, meticulously planned by Zenith and Source out of home, is the latest in a series of standout special installations, following notable efforts from Pepsi MAX and Disney+. This OOH initiative is further bolstered by classic and digital out-of-home (DOOH) elements across malls and various roadside formats, both large and small.

The Power of Special OOH Installations

Special OOH installations are recognized for their innovative and effective approach to boosting brand recall. Our Special Effects study highlights the substantial positive impact these campaigns have on noticeability, brand perception, and consumer activation. A striking 75% of people believe specials make a brand seem exciting, while 84% agree that specials are more noticeable than standard poster ads.

Embracing Creativity and Tradition

At Life Style Sports, we believe in the power of creativity to transform our cities and communities. As we continue to seek attention for our brand, we embrace both new and traditional methods. Exploring and deploying creative techniques, unusual formats, and surprising avenues to capture attention, we are bringing brands to our streets in exciting and engaging ways.

A Lasting Impression

By merging impactful visuals with strategic placements, this campaign not only draws the eye but also leaves a lasting impression, demonstrating the power and potential of well-executed OOH advertising.

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