GoTransit Media Group expands with the acquisition of Adflow and Moove Media’s Melbourne markets, boosting their transit advertising coverage across Australia.

Digital “Countdown” to Summer: MLB's Exciting OOH Campaign

As the anticipation for summer builds, Major League Baseball (MLB) is stepping up to the plate with a digital out-of-home (OOH) countdown campaign designed to rally sports fans around the start of the baseball season on Opening Day. This innovative approach not only drives excitement but also encourages fans to gear up for the upcoming summer games.

MLB's OOH Ad for Opening Day

MLB's countdown campaign strategically utilizes digital OOH media to create a sense of urgency and excitement among baseball enthusiasts. By displaying dynamic countdowns in prominent locations, MLB effectively captures the attention of fans, reminding them that Opening Day is just around the corner. This not only builds anticipation but also fosters a communal sense of eagerness for the season ahead.

Dwell Time is Swell Time: Connecting in Transit and Airports

In the world of OOH advertising, dwell time is prime time. MLB maximizes this by placing ads in high-traffic transit and airport locations. These environments, where people naturally spend more time waiting, provide the perfect opportunity to engage a captive audience. Whether it’s commuters on their daily routes or travelers waiting for their flights, MLB’s campaign ensures that the excitement for Opening Day is impossible to miss.

Ocean City Joins the Summer Countdown

Not to be overshadowed, Ocean City is also leveraging transit media to tap into the summer excitement. Using a contextual approach, Ocean City's campaign targets nearby locals and day trippers in Washington D.C., reminding them that it's always a good time to "drop in" for a visit. By utilizing transit media, Ocean City connects with potential visitors in a relevant and timely manner, reinforcing the idea that spontaneous summer getaways are always a great option.


The digital “countdown” to summer by MLB, complemented by Ocean City's clever use of transit media, showcases the power of OOH advertising in building excitement and engaging audiences. As summer approaches, these campaigns remind us that there's no better time to enjoy the thrill of baseball games and spontaneous beach trips. So, whether you're a sports fan gearing up for Opening Day or a day tripper planning your next adventure, the countdown to summer is on, and the possibilities are endless.

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