Rockshore captures attention with vibrant OOH campaigns for the June bank holiday, featuring creative ads across key locations to enhance the festive spirit.

Latest Cider Campaign Launch

As the June bank holiday weekend lands, bringing a swathe of anticipated outdoor activities, Rockshore is grabbing attention with their latest cider campaign. Planned by PHD and Source Out of Home, with creative from Tenth Man, Rockshore Cider invites those enjoying weekend libations to "take a bite" of something a bit sweeter. The campaign is live across various formats, including 48 sheets, banners, promobikes, and a special build Golden Square at Aungier Street, where the medium itself becomes part of the message.

"Bank Holiday Feeling" Campaign

Simultaneously, Rockshore’s main brand is running their "Bank Holiday Feeling" campaign. This initiative aims to be part of consumers' weekend festivities, helping them "bank" that weekend feeling. The OOH campaign spans a mix of classic and digital formats, including retail and roadside digital 6s, 48 sheets, and the Green Screen.

Targeting Headline Evfents

Elements of both campaigns are tailored to target some of the headline events over the weekend, including Dublin’s Forbidden Fruit and Cork’s Live at the Marquee. “This summer, Rockshore Apple Cider invites you to TAKE A BITE… of festivals, good weather, and all the great gigs happening,” says Hugh Doddy, senior brand manager at Diageo. “This impactful creative from The Tenth Man can adapt for contextual or seasonal messaging, communicating the full flavor of our cider and acting as a call to action!”

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