Riot Games unveils a dynamic motion billboard in Los Angeles to promote the highly anticipated VALORANT Console Beta, bringing PC excitement to console gamers.

Exciting news for gamers and VALORANT enthusiasts! Riot Games has taken the next step in promoting their highly anticipated VALORANT Console Beta by unveiling a spectacular motion billboard in the heart of Los Angeles.

A New Era for VALORANT

VALORANT, a tactical first-person shooter by Riot Games, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release on PC. The game's combination of precise gunplay and unique agent abilities has captivated millions of players worldwide. Now, Riot Games is set to expand their reach even further with the introduction of VALORANT on consoles.

The Los Angeles Motion Billboard

To mark this significant milestone, Riot Games has chosen one of the most iconic locations in Los Angeles to showcase their new motion billboard. Located on Sunset Boulevard, this eye-catching display is designed to grab the attention of both locals and tourists. The motion billboard features dynamic visuals and animations that highlight the intense action and strategic gameplay that VALORANT is known for.

What to Expect from the VALORANT Console Beta

The VALORANT Console Beta aims to bring the full PC experience to console players. Riot Games has promised that the transition will maintain the game's core mechanics, ensuring that console players can enjoy the same level of competitiveness and excitement. The beta will allow players to test out the game, provide feedback, and help Riot Games fine-tune the experience for a full launch.

Community Reactions

The unveiling of the motion billboard has generated a buzz within the gaming community. Social media platforms are abuzz with excitement as fans share photos and videos of the billboard. The anticipation for the console beta is palpable, with many players eager to see how VALORANT will perform on their favorite consoles.


The unveiling of the VALORANT Console Beta motion billboard in Los Angeles is a clear indication of Riot Games' commitment to expanding their game's reach. As the beta launch approaches, fans can look forward to experiencing VALORANT in a new and exciting way. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to join the action on your console!


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